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Dakota Heat

Dakota Heat had many design changes from previous cars. A chrome-molly frame was built for testing and a fiberglass and aluminum honeycomb chassis was used for the race. A new suspension was designed to ease the bumps of the road. The body was made with structural foam covered by a thin layer of fiberglass. A new instrumentation system using a PIC micro-controller network and an industrial PC gathered data for the team. SunRayce '99 was a long rainy race that went from Washington DC to Walt Disney World, FL. Before Formula Sun Grand Prix 2000, a carbon fiber chassis was built, this is the chassis being used in Solar Wind. Formula Sun 2000 was a 3 day closed track race that took place in Heartland Raceway in Topeka Kansas.

SunRayce '99:

  • 32nd place.

Formula Sun '00:

  • 13th place.

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