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New face to the AFV team at SDSM&T...

           The AFV team has decided to change its focus from a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle to competing in the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge.  This shift in focus was caused by the cancellation of the American Solar Challenge that was expected to run in the summer of 2007.  Because this race was the focus of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car, the AFV team met to decide what to do with the car and the focus of the team.  We have decided not to finish the AFV Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car and to change the focus of the team to a more exciting topic.  We believe that the Zero Emission category of the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge meets the goals set forth by the previous teams (Solar Car and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car) in making an environmentally friendly vehicle that is a model for future designs.  This will be both a challenging and exciting project.  We can't wait for this project to take shape and we hope you are just as excited!!

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